Issue with Nest inside Webflow Components

I’m using a few finsweet attributes (Combine, Nest, Filters) and was wondering if the nesting functionality broke when creating a component?

Here’s the staging link: ADU Plans

hey @caleb! Components should not break any solution. Can you please share your read-only link?

@Support-Luis here is the link: Webflow - ADU Plans

Hey @caleb! I see you are using CMS Nest in a Collection template page, I am afraid this setup will not work as you intend it to.

Have you seen the setup option 2? This does not require links set to the item template as no info is fetched from template pages

Are you sure it won’t work on a template page? I have another webflow project where it is working on a template page.

Here’s a brief explanation. I have it working on one site (without symbols) and the other site (listed above, with symbols), it does not work: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

@caleb I’ve run the support tool and it seems we are missing some links in the template page for the collection to nest. If the collection is on this page, I see you have the link set but not as the first child of the collection item. Can you please move it so it is the first element and test?

If this is not the template-reference collection please let me know where it is located.

I also recommend preventing CMS Combine from running after CMS Nest has finished as these Attributes might interfere with each other when used together.

If the above does not fix your issue we’ll have to rebuild the cards without using components.