Load time for CMS filters is really slow and filters not working properly

I have set up the CMS finsweet filter for an insights page. I’m having multiple issues that I’m wondering if someone can help me fix.

  1. When you click on certain filters they take a very long time to load and the insights take a 1-2 sec to load for that category. Is there a way to speed this up?

  2. When you go back to “view all” it keeps the pervious filtered insights and loads the all underneath starting from that date in the previous filter. Is there a way to completely reset the filters back to no filters applied and start from the latest published date? I’m using fs-cmsfilter-element=clear on view all, but do I need to apply another attribute or use code to clear this to it’s original state?

  3. When I go back to “view all” clearing filter and try to filter again, the filters no longer work. I’m not sure what’s making the filters stop working. Could look and see if I’m missing anything.

Website filters - located towards the bottom of the page

Webflow Backend

Hey @accounting! I see you have styled the submit button as a :mag: icon. Having the submit button visible on your form will prevent the list from filtering automatically.

Also, the best load mode for CMS Load + CMS Filter is pagination. Can you please test with this setup?

I’m not having issues with the load more button… the pagination is on. I’m having issues with the filters at the top and the “view all” filter not clearing and reseting the list. Is there any information you can give me on that function? Thanks for your help!

Hey @accounting yes, the load setup is working correctly, I was suggesting you change from load more to pagination if you had issues with the items loading as pagination is the preferred CMS Load mode for speed.

I recorded this quick video to illustrate the other half of my message. The filters are working correctly, however, they will not filter the list immediately as you have a type="submit" input visible and this stops the list from being automatically filtered. See image below

If this is not your issue please record a video as from what I can see the setup works as expected.

The video helped so much, thank you!! It is now filtering correctly and so much faster. :smile:

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@Support-Luis I have one more thing a client is asking about with the search function.

It seems that the search is only searching within that selected filter. Instead they would like it to search all items in the collection regardless of the selected filter. I used fs-cmsfilter-field = “*” but it’s still searching within the selected filter. Did I put it in the right place?

Hey @accounting! The attribute is in the correct location, but I am afraid the type of filtering can not be achieved as the field will search only within the rendered items.

This will not be a limitation in future updates.