Multi-level nested CMS problem

I have a multi-level nested CMS problem I’m trying to solve. The automated support is reporting an error that, seemingly, doesn’t exist in my build so I’m possibly even more lost than I’d like to admit.

My nesting situation is for an orchestra’s performance schedule — the top level CMS collection is a list of seasons performed.

Inside the Seasons CMS is 1 multi-reference field to choose from the “Programs CMS”. Programs are a series of concerts.

Inside the “Programs CMS” is 2 multi-reference fields — 1 field to select the from the Concerts CMS in that Program and 1 field to select from the Compositions CMS.

Here is my read-only link.

Thank you for any help!

Hey @foley.patrick.gerard! The concert-list identifier is not found on your page you might have confused it with the concerts identifier and that is why the tool throws the error.

On another note we have this setup here → CMS Nest inside CMS Nest | Attributes

You can clone the project and copy the structure, I suggest you test each nest level one by one and not all together!

Could you clarify what you mean with your first comment? Did you open my link and find an instance of concerts-list? I haven’t found one so I can’t diagnose the problem that the tool is finding.

Or are you saying the tool is not useful for this type of problem?

@foley.patrick.gerard sure! You used the tool with the concert-list identifier, I believe you have not used this identifier in your setup as inspecting the page and looking for this shows there are no results (see the image attached)

However please do take a look at the structure used in the clonable above and let me know if you have any more issues

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Ah. I think I’m catching on. I’m back to diagnosing this and that was helpful. Thank you! Fingers crossed!

Good luck and let me know how it goes! :muscle: