Nested Collections do not work - even on a replicated site of a clonable

I want to overcome Webflows limit to max. 1 nested collection list p. page. I followed the attributes steps but no success. So I went ahead and just rebuild the clonable to understand what could be possible wrong. But it still does not work.

I am using this clonable:

Here the preview link: Webflow - nested collection test

When I run the ASS, i get this error message: “The attribute fs-cmsnest-collection=“topic” is found, but the url link in the CMS Collection Item is not working. Check if the Link Block or Text Link have the correct link to the Item’s Template page.”

But the link is correctly set as in the clonable.

What am I missing here?

hey! It seems you are missing the setup on your collection template page. This is a required step for CMS Nest to work properly :slight_smile:

Hello Luis,

I do have the same problem and I also added it in template page but it still doesnt seem to work :C

hey @mateusz828! You seem to be missing the link to the current item on your parent collection and the same link is missing on the template page collection list.

Everything else seems to be correctly setup. Try this and let me know :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much everything works great now! But I do have another question:

Can it be done so the link would not lead to another page? I only want to nest more items into CMS item and I do not want them to lead to another page.

NVM, I have disabled link through JS

Hey @mateusz828! great that you solved it with JS! but remember that you can always hide the link from the user or you can look into option #2 where no link is needed as all info is loaded onto the same page and no fetching is made to the template pages