Parametric Search with nested collections?

Hello Finsweet Community,

I’m currently facing a challenge while trying to implement a parametric search experience in Webflow, similar to the one in the video attached. Here’s the progress and the issues I’ve encountered:

Here’s the link:
Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom.


  1. Current Setup:
  • I’ve successfully set up one main collection and two hidden collections to manage the search filters, specifically for length and width fields.
  • The data is being pulled from an Airtable with three columns, feeding the main collection and the two fields mentioned.
  1. Issues Faced:
  • Issue 1: I’m encountering duplicate values in the dropdowns, as all items from the list are being rendered. A potential solution might be ensuring that these dropdowns only display unique values. I’m considering if these should be reference fields or multi-reference fields to solve the duplication issue.
  • Issue 2: I’m struggling with the dynamic updating of the search fields. Once an option is selected, I need the remaining fields to update and only show options that are available based on the selection. This filtering down is crucial and I’m pondering if making both fields reference fields would solve this.
  • Issue 3: Resetting the fields is another challenge. I need the fields to reset appropriately whenever a new selection is made to ensure the search experience is seamless and intuitive.

This is quite a complex feature and I believe it’s a unique implementation in Webflow. I’m open to adapting my tables or setup based on your suggestions. If anyone has experience with similar setups or can provide insights on how to tackle these issues, particularly with ensuring unique values in dropdowns, dynamic updating of search fields, and resetting the fields correctly, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking forward to your suggestions and thank you in advance for your help!