Rich text SEO crawling

Hi, I’d like to know how the rich text attribute (Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block) affects SEO and onpage site indexing. I’d like to create blog pages with the rich text attribute, but would like to know that it perfectly is indexed and crawled by google to boost SEO performance.

hey @Chad!

We have this explanation in the first element card. Let me know if it clears things up!

The HTML that the users write in the Rich Text is rendered on the pages as Escaped HTML.

This means, that this:‍
<span id="test" class="kool-class" style="color: red;" fs-test-element="test">This is a cool custom HTML string.</span>

Is read exactly like that by Google, including the tags and attributes, instead of just:

This is a cool custom HTML string.

Which is how usually Google would read it.

Can this affect SEO? It might, if used a lot (by a lot I mean that a big portion of the articles are written like this), BUT:‍

Google is smart enough to run Javascript and scan how the sites look like after JS has finished mutating the pages.

This means that, at some point, Google would identify the text as the correct version instead of the Escaped HTML one.

If it’s used in small portions (like just a bunch of lines, maybe a few components, etc), it’s negligible and does not influence SEO.

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