When using CMS Nest, does "Publish this Collection Template page" need to be "ON"?

Just want to confirm. If you’re using CMS Nest to build something like a blog with tags etc., and “tags” is it’s own CMS Collection, then you must have “Publish this Collection Template page” switched to “ON” That means your tag pages (which may be blank) will be published—what is the recommended method of dealing with this? I have several websites using CMS Nest and now that I’m trying to retroactively hide those Collection Template pages from being visible/found/crawled/etc., I cannot because doing so actually breaks CMS Nest.

Hey @nick1 that is correct, the template pages would need to be published for CMS Nest to still work as expected as some data is fetched from these pages by CMS Nest. I believe you could use <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> to avoid the pages being indexed.

You can also rebuild the solution using option #2 for CMS Nest where the script will no longer fetch data from the template pages. This way you can avoid publishing them

Yes, this solved it for me as well!