Add Class + CMS Filtering issue

Hey F’insweet,

I’m having some problems combining the old add class feature and the attribute-based CMS filtering. as far as I saw, there’s no attribute solution for the add class function, so I used the old one

Here’s a loom about the issue

Here’s a read-only

At this point it’s an either/or situation, but I’d really need both! If you can help me out in any way, that’d be great.

Thanks a lot!

hey @de.skaaa! I am afraid we can not use both libraries on the same page as they were not designed for this.

We can try going the custom code way if you’d like. You might need to add CMS Filter API for Webflow but I can help you with that :wink:

hey @Support-Luis , thanks a lot for your input. I found another way eventually, but I’ll keep this API solution in mind. Thanks you for your time again!

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You are welcome! :muscle: