CMS Filter - Prioritize most relevant results

I am attempting to prioritize the most relevant search results to the top. Currently, if I select Filter A and Filter B, I want the items that have both A and B to display first, followed by items that have either A or B. This is a multi-select filter and the filter options are pulled from a CMS collection.

Hey @geminpak I am afraid this is not currently possible as the filter match can be all or any but not a combination of both in this version of CMS Filter as you can see in the picture below.

CMS Filter v2 is in the works and I can suggest this feature if you’d like but there is no ETA of its release at the moment.

Thanks for the reply @Support-Luis!

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Just throwing in my vote for multi-keyword filtering (combination of any/all match) - would be a much needed upgrade for a site we have running!

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@zoe Filter V2 is in the works! :muscle: