Debugging and correcting an error pointed out by Automated Attributes Checker

Hi, I’ve been struggling to debug and correct an error pointed out by Automated Attributes Checker.

Would you please advise? :pray:

Please find here the link and a screenshot.

hey @scunioci! you are missing the identifier name for this check, as the identifier field is empty this error arises.

Once the field you want to check is correctly entered then the tool will correctly check your setup

Hello @Support-Luis!

Great, I did not know that. Just to confirm whether I understood it correctly:

  1. The automated support service requires me to insert each identifier value that the atribute “fs-cmsfilter-field” receives.
  2. For instance, if I have 3 filters and those filters are built using values like “offer”, “category” and “brand” then I would need to add those values in the automated support to test each implementation separately.

Is that correct?


That is correct @scunioci! Each field has to be checked separately

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Got it! Thank you.

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