Load CMS having 121 923 ms delay

Hello everyone,

So here is the link of my website : Avocats en Divorce – rupture | DROIT DES PERSONNES ET DE LA FAMILLE

I have over 1,400 lawyers in my collection.
They are all classified according to their speciality.

I also use Wized to obtain their availability from my database (outside webflow).

Lawyers can be put online offline using an app and it is this information that I retrieve when the page is loaded to display only the lawyers available in the search.

When the page loads, this is what happens :

  • Load CMS of 1400 lawyers
  • At the same time, CAL API via Wized to retrieve the available profiles
  • Filtering of the 1400 lawyers to show only the available lawyers

The problem I’m having is that if the load cms isn’t completed before the filtering starts, then the load cms will take a very long time to load.

On google speed insight, you can see that the load cms script takes 121,923 ms to load.

Do you have any idea how to correct this problem?

Hey @benjamin! I am afraid Wized is not yet compatible with CMS Load. I believe there was a workaround with Xano but you’ll have to contact the Wized support team for this